The Graun recently did a piece about this topic:¬† The gist of it was that buying prostitutes for disabled people was not conducive to the goal of making disabled people accepted by society as valid sexual partners. Of course, this caused a flurry of (overwhelmingly male) commentators to announce, ‘IDEAL WORLD DOES NOT EXIST. WE […]

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The internet and social media have created hereforeto unimaginable opportunities for soothsayers and bullshitters alike. If the public at large took their sweet time catching on, then the establishment have been slower still and in their – predictably censorious – response. But they are catching on! I love that every cult,…

There are several aspects of the autistic community’s attitude to feminism that need reporting on; as I straddle both worlds, I thought I’d say something about it.The two things don’t seem to be related, do they? One is a political position, and the other is a neurological condition. Why am I writing about this?In the […]

This blog exists mainly to gather my thoughts and feelings on feminist topics. It’s a blog rather than a private journal because I’m hoping for collaboration and feedback. I feel like I have the parts to construct a theory, but I need help in doing so, and also a surface on which to build. I […]